Jessica Dixon

Mindfulness for the everyday.

Current Offerings

30 Days of Self-Compassion


Welcome to a month-long audio-course, awakening self-compassion in ten minutes a day!

Executive Coaching

Support with professional development and navigating the challenges of the workplace.

Mindfulness Coaching

Partnership on your journey for personal growth—nurture greater awareness, clarity, and acceptance. Special expertise with chronic pain. 

Corporate Training

Workshops and courses on mindful leadership, managing stress, and building emotional resilience in the workplace.


Guided meditations to support your mindfulness practice.

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness helps us to focus our minds and be present for the everyday moments of our lives.
  • Mindfulness can decrease anxiety and stress and improve our physical health.
  • Mindfulness boosts our natural capacity for joy and increases happiness and life satisfaction.
  • Mindfulness gives us the wisdom and resilience to see and be with things as they really are.

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