My typical private mindfulness clients are people who are feeling the impact of the stress and anxiety of juggling all the balls of modern life–career, relationships, maybe children or the dating world, all while striving to maintain their own physical and emotional wellbeing. 

  • Many of my clients feel like they spend most of their energy trying to take care of other people and want to learn to make themselves a priority too. 
  • A lot of my clients have chronic health issues or chronic pain, particularly headaches, migraines, back pain, overuse injuries or unexplained muscle or joint pain, chronic fatigue, or autoimmune diseases. Some identify as having Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) or Mind Body Syndrome–meaning they recognize that their health and pain is impacted by a connection to their current stressors, childhood stressors, and personality characteristics. I have particular expertise in supporting clients who are struggling with TMS and frequently refer to and work alongside physicians and groups who support this population.
  • Many of my clients are “high-performing” people, people who worked hard and maybe even excelled in school, at their jobs, and in their home life. They measure themselves to a standard that they wouldn’t expect of others. They don’t think they are better than other people, but there’s a pretty convincing voice inside their heads that tells them to be loved and accepted they need to try harder and work harder than other people. While they work really hard, they don’t always feel like their efforts are good enough. They may find it hard to give themselves permission to relax.
  • Many of my clients grew up in homes that had love and clothing and food to eat and the appearance of normalcy, but who also still lived through one or more adverse childhood events like mental illness or addiction in the family, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, loss of a significant loved one, or neglect. 
  • Many of my clients would identify as sensitive or highly sensitive people. They may find that they are highly in tune with and easily affected by the feelings of the people around them. They tend to be highly empathetic people and are sought out by family, friends, and co-workers because they are great listeners and have compassionate hearts. They may be overwhelmed easily in loud or chaotic situations. They may find peace in nature and have a strong sense of spirituality, whether or not they are religious. 

Do you identify with any of the elements in the above description? If so, I may be a good match for you. 

My own journey has involved learning to understand and work with the people-pleasing and perfectionist parts of myself, overcoming chronic migraines, and living in the world as a highly sensitive person.

How does private mindfulness coaching work?

  • Sessions are scheduled over video conference (Zoom), so I can (and do!) work with people anywhere in the world.
  • Sessions are fifty minutes in length. 

What should I expect in my first session?

  • We will have an opportunity to get to know one another better and will talk about your goals and priorities for coaching to determine if it is a good fit. I only continue with clients whom I feel I can really support effectively. I want our sessions together to be something that you can look forward to and grow from. 
  • The first session is complimentary. 

What should I expect in ongoing sessions?

  • Sessions generally start with a short check-in, followed by a meditation together of about ten minutes, which tailor it to your particular circumstances and mood that day. No prior meditation experience is necessary to work together. 
  • We spend most of the rest of the session in conversation. I want to understand what is happening for you that day and week—with your emotions, with your physical health, and in your life. You can come prepared with things you want to talk about, but you don’t need to. I ask questions to guide the conversation. 
  • As the session goes on, we may do more meditation or visualization, do short journaling exercises, or work together on a plan for “homework” or practice before the next session. 
  • I am able to record personalized meditations as needed to support you with specific situations in your life.
  • I answer any questions about meditation that are coming up in your practice and also provide instruction and support with self-compassion practices.

Is this therapy? 

  • I am not a therapist. I am a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor.
  • Many of my clients work with both a therapist and me simultaneously, and I believe the work of bringing more mindfulness and self-compassion into your day-to-day life can be powerful in enhancing the impact of therapy. You do not need to censor what you share with me, but If we find that there are issues coming up in our sessions that are beyond my scope, I can partner with you to identify a therapist who would be a good fit for you.

How does scheduling work?

  • I see clients as frequently as twice a week and as infrequently as once a month or on an as-needed basis. Most clients schedule for one session a week.
  • Typically, I compare calendars with clients at the end of a session and we look for a mutually available time for the next session.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, I appreciate as much advance notice as possible so I can use the slot for another client. 
  • There are no contracts or obligations to commit to ongoing sessions. 

How does payment work?

  • I accept payment via Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, or personal check. I can make a credit card option available if needed. 
  • Please inquire directly for more information on pricing. 

How do I get started?

What are my clients saying?
Meditation has given me an awareness that has seemingly impacted every part of my life. When you can see things more clearly you can start to understand yourself and what’s going on in your life. To start getting comfortable with the everyday situations around me, my emotions and reactions to it all, and then allowing things to be as they are is the most helpful and peaceful gift that I have received from meditation. 

I have tried meditation on my own and have always heard about how wonderful it could be but working with Jessica has really been the key to actually understanding meditation and incorporating it into my life. Jessica has found her calling in teaching meditation and brings so much compassion and care to her approach that you feel comfortable working with her from day 1. You can tell that she sincerely wants you to benefit from the practice and understands exactly how it feels to start something new and perhaps intimidating or overwhelming.

I like working in a 1:1 setting so that we can discuss specifics in my life and how to apply meditation to the tough places/situations. I am a longtime headache sufferer and have learned that stress and emotions can play a big part in recurring pain. Jessica has helped me incorporate a meditation practice that provides tools to help process the difficult emotions and day to day stresses that I’m sure contribute greatly to ongoing headaches and pain. 


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