Mindfulness for Business Leaders

Mindfulness for Business Leaders

How does mindfulness help business leaders?

Mindfulness boosts resilience, reduces the fear of failure, enhances creativity, improves relationships and communication, and helps you focus.

What will I be introduced to in this course?

  • Responding vs reacting in the workplace
  • Mindful listening and radical candor
  • Procrastination and focus
  • Perfectionism and motivation 
  • Mindfully dealing with difficulties
  • Team dynamics and unconscious bias


This course is available to be offered in corporate settings or online, and is traditionally taught in one hour sessions once a week for five weeks. Content can also be condensed into a workshop. Please inquire about scheduling and pricing.

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“Jessica dedicated one hour a week over five weeks to our team, teaching us mindfulness in the workplace techniques. We covered topics that were pertinent to the challenges of modern office life, but she also customized discussions and practices specifically to the needs of our team. We all ended our final session with her wanting more! Each of us had “key takeaways” that we are committed to incorporating into our work and personal lives. To say it was a transformative experience would be an understatement.”  – Tayler Stogsdill, Senior Vice President, Physician Services, Oak Street Health

“Jessica has provided mindfulness trainings for our nurse practitioner students and our faculty, as well. Jessica’s trainings helped our students to prepare for the emotional challenges of primary care and our faculty to be more mindful of leaders in the classroom and the university. Jessica brings a calming presence to her trainings that help participants feel safe and ready to engage in mindfulness practice.”  – Charlie Yingling, Associate Dean and Clinical Assistant Professor, UIC School of Nursing