Some feedback from recent course participants:

I feel more in control of negative feelings. When I’m anxious, I feel like I can better acknowledge and own that that anxiety is temporary. It made me even kinder to myself.

I took the mindful self-compassion workshop a week before my first daughter was born. The class not only provided tangible techniques for me to take care of myself to be a better mom, but also created a community to remind us all to enact on these techniques in daily life. Leveraging some of the foundational practices, I’ve increased the amount of “pause moments” looking into my newborn’s eyes to be grateful for the present. I’ve also been able to reduce the stress of a crying baby by focusing on my reactions as the second arrow.

One of my greatest challenges was finding deliberate time to focus on my well-being. Jessica’s calm and logical method of teaching is in a format that lets you to fit mindfulness into your daily routine.

I recently took the Meditation for Beginners class and it was a wonderful experience. Jessica provided a safe and relaxed environment to learn different mindfulness practices. I came into the class having difficulty sleeping and I’ve been able to use the practices I learned and have been sleeping much better.

I just finished the 6 week Intro course [Meditation for Beginners] online with Jessica. I felt that her passion and knowledge for the mindfulness and meditation was a super motivating thing for me. From the first class I was encouraged to experiment with different practices . It helped me greatly to learn of her own experiences with beginning meditation and mindfulness. I felt her course was gentle (for a beginner) and well organized – with abundant resources for me to try, learn and enjoy. I have noticed subtle shifts in my awareness already. I would highly recommend learning from Jessica- her passion for this material shines through each class!

This course [Meditation for Beginners] has improved my life in meaningful ways. I found Jessica to be a kind, gentle, and skillful teacher and I recommend this introductory class to any who desire to more in contact with their own self.

I’m mindful throughout the day now and not just when I take the time to meditate.

The most remarkable thing I have noticed was the increased awareness and “presence” in my personal/daily life. I found this week– that I was able to “pause” and reflect (momentarily) rather than “react” to an incident that would normally have made me get more upset! A very pleasant surprise!